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Neck and Back Pain / Headaches / Whiplash / Auto and Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Utah

Suffering from pain due to a car crash or sports injury? Looking for an injury recovery physician who specializes in rehabilitation of whiplash, headaches, back pain and joint pain? My Family Doctor is located in Draper, Utah, and serves Salt Lake City, Holladay, Cottonwood, West Valley, Taylorsville, Sandy, Midvale, Murray, West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, Lehi, Highland, American Fork, Orem, Provo Utah and surrounding areas.

Perhaps you tire of hearing that the cause of your neck or back pain is unknown and trying endless medications without results. If pain is keeping you from participating in life, it is time to overcome your fear and discouragement. See someone who knows best how to care for you; a sciatica and back pain doctor in Draper, Utah.backpain

Sports and Car Accident Pain Specialist

If you have whiplash injury, neck and back pain, disc disease, headaches, limb or joint pain come be treated with sports medicine in Draper, Utah. We specialize in auto accident injuries, soft tissue sports injuries and personal injuries. You need a doctor who specializes in injury rehabilitation care treatments to accelerate your recovery and improve therapy response from your chiropractor or physical therapist. We also accept attorney liens from most personal injury attorneys in Utah for payment of services. As a strains and pains clinic, we specialize in injury rehabilitation treatments. Been in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall injury or sports injury? Call the injury rehabilitation specialist in Draper, Utah today!

Types of Medical Treatment Care For Pain Relief and Healing:

My Family Doctor breaks the pain cycle, muscle spasm and tension with trigger point injections in Draper, Utah. A trigger point is a concise area of knotted muscle that remains tense and aches and can pull your spine out of alignment. Sometimes the trigger point knot adds pressure to nerves causing pain to radiate through the neck and back, and down the arms or legs. These tiny injections of anesthetic and a small amount of cortisone are so effective that many patient referrals come from other health providers, personal injury attorneys and “word-of-mouth testimonials” from patients.

Joint pain bothering you? A cortisone injection in Draper, Utah for shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip and knee pain could provide the relief you seek. Sometimes over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications are not enough. A hurting joint needs to be evaluated by an injury rehabilitation and sport medicine specialist in Draper, Utah. Sometimes all that is needed is a small injection of cortisone into the joint, ligaments, tendons or bursa to decrease inflammation and pain. Call today for an evaluation, treatment, and maybe an order for an MRI.

Do you suffer from headaches? Do your headaches originate from the base of the skull and radiate to your temples? This condition is called occipital neuritis and can be resolved with a small cortisone injection into the muscles surrounding the occipital nerve. Occipital nerve blocks in Draper Utah reduce the inflammation of the nerve causing temporal headaches. Chronic daily headaches are prescribed various medicine to reduce their frequency and intensity.

Sciatica and back pain relief is available with lumbar steroid epidural injections in Draper, Utah. My Family Doctor is here to help you get an MRI ordered to find the reason for pain and numbness radiating into your thighs, legs or feet or arms and hands. If caused from disc disease, and other therapies have not worked, the next conservative step is to trial a series of epidurals to alleviate the nerve inflammation. This is the last type of treatment before providing you with a referral to a surgeon if all else has failed.

Osteopathic spinal manipulation in Draper, Utah can relieve the tension in your neck or back. Sitting at a desk too long? Injury from an accident? Necks and backs can stiffen up causing reduced range of motion. Do you experience difficulty turning your head or bending your back? Dr. Layne A. Hermansen is board certified in Family Medicine and Spinal Manipulation. Call today for gentle spinal manipulation to increase the range of motion in your spine. He is an expert at several different techniques. Trigger point injections, discussed above, may also be recommended to remove muscle strains and pains which pull your spine out of alignment. Those referred to My Family Doctor for injections will continue their spinal adjustments and therapies by the referring chiropractor or physical therapist.

If you live in Utah, give us a call if you are suffering from whiplash injuries causing back pain, neck pain, or headaches.

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